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Seven months, two weeks and two days


Selected work to participate 8th Biennial of Contemporany Textile Art. Madrid September 17th to November 3rd, 2019.

Measures: 39×59 cm.

Stitches:  70.850 stitches.

Hand embroidery on panama fabric. Threads DMC. 75 colours

Seven months, two weeks and two days

After working on this creation for seven months, two weeks and two days, it’s time to write about the process.

Strictly speaking I began to work on it as a child. In my childhood I played with ants. I observed them in their daily chores and I was enormously fascinated by their homes. I spent hours studying how they got in and out of the hole that enter the earth without me being able to see the different cavities that composed its home, although I imagined where the kitchen would be, where the living room and where the different rooms would be.

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