About and technical process

The simplicity of complexity is a blade. The blades are grouped in order to show a reality.

In my work, two forms of expression can coexist. The main one and that is never missing is the one that takes place by means of a creative process that begins with a photo; later, I transform it into a map of symbols that in turn will change in thousands of blades formed by threads of different colors and whose set will reproduce the photograph. Nevertheless, this image will be endowed with a slow tempo, away from the speed of the photographic shot, which will allow me to elaborate a series of reflections written on the work itself and that constitute the second form of expression.

As far as the technical process is concerned. The beginning of a work starts immediately with the taking of a photograph. Later, I load it in a computer program that will pixelate it and, at the same time, it will allow me to choose the size of the embroidery and the photographic quality of the same. I will choose the greater number of points by centimeter. Then I print the schema-maps and I order them locating the center of these and following an axis of coordinates. I also carry out a codification of the threads of different colours following a symbology similar to the legend of a cartographic map. And to conclude, I place the central point in the fabric that will correspond with the central point of the maps and I can begin to embroider, always following the map.

Montserrat Gual






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