Seven months, two weeks and two days

Thougths based on the work Seven months, two weeks and two days After working on this creation for seven months, two weeks and two days, it's time to write about the process. Strictly speaking I began to work on it as a child. In my childhood I played with ants. I...


Where are you? I often think of you. I imagine you swimming alone in your liquid kingdom. You let me in and look for you. In doing so, the coldness of the water surrounds my whole body and makes me shudder and that is when I make the decision to fill my lungs to the painful limit and immerse myself.

London`s Flowers

The sight is the most outstripped sense in me in the beginning of an embroidery. The eyes lead me from the symbols, which represent the color, to the threads. Threads of different colors, which correspond to the same number of symbols. Every color and in turn every thread turn into an ideogram.

The Puddle

The ponds have always caught my eye. I remember as a child, I played to alter the appearance that the random nature had designed by removing some stone or removing slightly the mud

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